A Rather Rough Fall

I have been trying to decide how best to start posting musings from my bench again.  I haven't posted in some time as a result of all the recent dramas in our lives.   My family has had a really tough Autumn.  My Mother in Law fell in September and as a result was hospitalized in Tulsa, Ok.   My wife and I went to Oklahoma immediately upon receiving this sad news and found ourselves there for several weeks.   While we were there, my Father in Law was hospitalized as well.  My Father in Law was released to skilled nursing in the end of September and we were able to bring him to a facility here in Lubbock.  My Mother in Law sadly did not improve and remained in Critical Care through October.  It was determined that she would require hospice care and we were able to move her here to a wonderful hospice in Lubbock.  She passed away on October 30th.  On a bright note my Father in Law has been improving and has been upgraded to assisted living.  He even has made a couple of visits to the shop!  I look forward to becoming more regular with my musings from the bench again.  I have been steadily catching up on orders and the great news is I am back on time for my build schedule.  I currently am on a 7 month turnaround for new orders.  It's good to be back!