Peter picked a peck of purple purflings

Okay so my purflings are not purple (I went with traditional Black/White/Black).  The last one is bent and ready to be inlayed into the purfling channel.

What is purfling you ask?  Purfling is a narrow decorative edge inlaid into the top plate and the back plate of a stringed instrument. Inexpensive instruments may have no purfling and instead simulate the appearance with paint or even decals.  

The earliest known example of purfling is on a violin made by Andrea Amati in 1564, now on display in the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford University. It consists of two outer strips of pearwood stained black and an inner strip of poplar.[1]  

 PS. The Asmolean Museum is amazing!  You should go there and spend some time!

1. Faber, Toby, Stradivari's Genius, Random House, 2004; ISBN 0-375-76085-7