I love working with hand tools.  They have a higher level of accuracy and allow me to hear the birds chirping outside my shop. 

About Me

Justin Deurmyer Guitar Maker 

Justin Deurmyer has been drawn to art since his earliest years. He has come a long way from his first Jackson Pollock interpretation, inadvertently splashed across his parent’s dining room wall, to his paintings hanging in homes and businesses across the country.

A self-taught artist who has painted for over 30 years, Justin’s art career has included: ownership of The Eccentric Uncle gallery in Dallas, TX, and the directing of 9 galleries in Beverly Hills, CA dealing in works from European Impressionism and California Plein Aire Painting to Ethnographic Art.

Justin became interested in the ancient art of acoustic string instrument making in 2007. What began as a hobby has blossomed into an artisan business. He has produced custom instruments for beginners to pro level players. In the Summer of 2011 Justin participated in and completed the Master Class in Acoustic Guitar Making offered by Chris Wynne of the Thomas Lloyd School of Acoustic Guitar Making. He continues to be a keen follower of guitar maker and instructor Chris Wynne and has regularly participated in the Thomas Lloyd Guitar Makers Forum.

I have been teaching instrument building on both a one on one basis and in small workshops for several years.  If the idea of learning to use hand tools and crafting a special instrument excites you; please contact me via my contact page.

Web Mary Rose Fydlle by Justin Deurmyer
web tenor guitar
renaissance lute n
Web Vihuela de Mano by J Deurmyer
Web Dante Citole by Justin Deurmyer
1925 Soprano Ukulele by Justin Deurmyer
Wishart Celtic Mandolin by Justin Deurmyer
Web Arwen Guitar No. 205 by Justin Deurmyer
web Teagan 2018
Peter picked a peck of purple purflings