Q: How do I say Justin’s last name?  A: It’s easy – pronounce Deurmyer like this: Der-my-yer and you will be close enough.

Q: How do I purchase an instrument from Justin? A: It’s easy, just contact Justin through the website to make a custom order, select an instrument from the available instrument section on this website, or purchase an instrument from a show or gallery event Justin is participating in!

Q: Why doesn’t Justin have an “artist” section?  A: I don’t like the idea of using my valued customers as advertisements. I have been honored to deliver instruments to professional musicians and amateurs alike. Instead of sending out a bunch of instruments and posting a picture of artists holding them as some sort of gimmick/advertisement/trophy; I decided to let my clients keep their hard earned reputations and names and offer a discount to working musicians (just send me a calendar of your upcoming gigs/events to qualify). The greatest compliment to me is a referral and I do ask for those. I always keep transactions, contact information, photographs of artists with instruments and details of purchases confidential! My clients privacy is important to me!

Q: Is there a deposit required to have a custom instrument built?  A: For guitars, lutes, citterns, mandolins, vihuela de manos, fiddles, violins, citoles, and Irish Bouzoukis there is a $600 non refundable deposit required at order time plus the price of any electronics if requested. For Ukuleles, and cavaquinhos there is a $400 non refundable deposit required at order time plus the price of electronics if any are requested. The balance of purchase is required at delivery.

Q: How long is the turn around for an instrument?  A: It depends on several factors including: the number of instruments ahead of you in my order schedule, the amount of inlay/detail, the type of instrument, if you are a repeat client you will often receive preference because I reward loyalty.. I am currently on a 13 month turn around

Q: Where does Justin get the wood for his instruments?  A: I enjoy taking wood safaris and love using West Texas timbers when possible. I also use responsibly harvested timber. It is also common for me to include special pieces of timber supplied by the future owners of custom instruments.

Q: How do I take care of the instrument Justin built for me?  A: I will deliver instructions specific to your instrument at delivery.

Q: Does Justin repair instruments he didn’t build  A: I love building my instruments. If you are an existing client I gladly offer my services to repair instruments from other makers. If you are not an existing client I might consider repairing your instrument depending on the availability of my build schedule. Clients who purchase instruments from me are my priority.

Q: How do I get invited to one of the open houses at Justin’s workshop?  A: From time to time I have special events/open houses at my workshop. Existing clients are often invited to my open houses. Sometimes I include future clients and friends. I ask that attendees be respectful of the privacy of the other guests. Please do not ask for photos or autographs from other attendees. My clients privacy is important.

Q: Does Justin build electric guitars?  A: Yes, from time to time I do build electrics including the rare archtop. My passion however leans hard towards acoustics.

Q: Can I get an instrument with an electric pickup?  A: Yes. I actually hand wire my own film piezo contact microphones especially for my instruments. These are excellent at capturing the true acoustic sound of your instrument. They will require an external preamp like the LR Baggs belt clip style or a floor pedal before going to your amp or pa system. I also install the LR Baggs Anthem series pickup combinations. They do a great job of capturing the actual tone of the guitar.

Q: Why doesn’t Justin use lacquer?  A: lacquers are nasty stuff and unsafe for the environment and the person applying them. Do to allergies and the desire to use a non-voc product; I use either a highly polymerized varnish based on an 18th century coach makers formula or a traditional French Polish hand rubbed finish. Both of these finishes provide the instrument with protection as well as great tone. Neither are available in commercially made/factory builds because of the amount of hand work and time required. Both of these finishes are non-toxic and safe for Justin and the environment as well as for you the purchaser!