After a long hiatus from the blog, I am back.

I've been super busy in the shop (as always); but with the bench I built last winter; I am feeling much more productive.  I selected to build an English style bench using traditional hand tools only.  I followed the basic design of Paul Sellers from the Woodworking Masterclasses.  I made mine with a bit more width than his standard plan (to accomodate instruments), and made it a little beefier (I had some lovely Douglas Fir timbers).  I was excited that Paul added my bench to his gallery of workbenches!  The greatest feature of my new bench has been the tool well.  I have never used a bench with a tool well before and was't even sure if I would like having one.  Well, how on earth does anyone function without a tool well on their bench LOL!  I love, love, love having the tool well.  Another change was the height.  I made mine 38 inches high (my old bench is about 33 inches high) and love working with the added height to the bench.  My old commercially made bench is still in the shop and is used when I am working with more than one student at a time.  My old bench has helped make and repair lots of instruments and still has a lot of life in it.  I am now, however, smitten with the bench I built.