Wishart Celtic Mandolin


Black walnut back and sides, western cedar top, cedritos neck, and Texas mesquite fingerboard and bridge as shown.  Available in other timbers as well.

overall length 720mm

width at widest point 278mm

scale lentgh 387mm

width at nut 36mm




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This was an instrument I designed to update my mandolin offering back in 2014.

I named this one after Janet Wishart who was tried for witchcraft during the Scottish Witch hunt of 1597. Wishart was convicted of Sorcery and sadly burned at the stake. She was accused of casting multiple cantrips (spells) including several that caused bad dreams via the use of a cat. One of her cantrips was reputed to bewitch someone with music.

Fun Fact: What is the difference between a blue grass mandolin and a Celtic Mandolin? Blue grass mandolins are shaped more like a shallot and have a shorter scale. Celtic Mandolins are shaped more like an onion amd often have a slightly longer scale and slightly wider string spacing.

I also make a Wishart Tenor Mandola for you CGDA fans.  It is the same shape but scaled up for the tuning.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 24 × 36 × 2 cm


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